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A Rose By Any Other Name

November 29, 2011

I have just received my official Qatari residence permit and ID.Card. This means that I can now leave the country AND get back in again without applying for a visa so I have been booking a holiday to Petra for New Year. New Years Eve is my wedding anniversary and I will have reached an interesting milestone, being married as long as I was single. My pen name is a hybrid of my married and maiden names which my children and I created, thereby celebrating my past and present with a uniquely new writing identity for the future, Sarah Koblow

Looking through my new documents has proved very disturbing to me as they seem to relate to an unknown person Sarah Jane Bedlow.

I personally have never heard of her but it is my picture and date of birth on the plastic cards. Oh!’s reassurance that “it doesn’t matter, it makes no official difference, I checked.” Only makes me feel worse, somehow rubbed out again. I am still smarting from his definition of my occupation. I can only live in Qatar under his ‘sponsorship’ so he completed the forms. He has lived with a devout feminist for twenty three years and knows how this dependancy bothers me. He also should have known I would hate his definition of my occupation. I would never have written housewife because I did not marry a building.Does this label stink any less because it is in Arabic?

What rankles more is that had I known the authorities were so nonchalant about the accuracy of their ID’s, I would have forged and defined a new one for myself. I would have ensured that my  new plastic ID card officially confirmed my new identity and occupation every time I looked at it or showed it to others.

Name  Sarah Koblow

Occupation Writer

Then again this is my new internal ID and no-one can tamper with, officially or not.

On a more humorous note, I saw this in my local shwarma shop and the image of what would happen if I brought these four words together in real life, keeps running temptingly through my mind. For those of you who are non- British, I will translate. ‘willy” is an affectionate term for the male reproductive organ.

 What an interesting picture of revenge just four words can paint.

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  1. December 4, 2011 8:34 am

    Have a set of business cards printed up as Sarah Koblow, Writer. Seriously. Include your website name and URL, Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn connections, and your email at the site. Hand them out as you make your way in the world. It will do wonders for your artistic soul. Go on now, get going!

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